Tim Riggins paper doll for Can’t Lose: A Friday Night Lights Fanzine.
Illustration for the Taco Cleanse zine.
Ochre Ellipse #1
Available from Family Style.
"With sly storytelling shifts and great comics pacing, Jonas crystallizes the introvert’s meandering thoughts, then smashes them to pieces at your feet."
— Jesse Reklaw
"First issues are generally a time to work the bugs out, to get everything in their proper order for better future issues.  Jonas gets right out of the gate with a fantastic first issue."
— Optical Sloth
"Madden-Connor tells stories about people in motion that are circular in nature, as one portion of the stories segues into something completely different only to come back around to the original theme or motif in unexpected ways."
— High-Low
"A swell little book about daydreams and birds, with a goofy sense of humor. The cartooning cuts loose here and there, drops panel border, goes nuts, and gets really fun."
— Ben Boxer
Bay Woof, October 2008 cover.
Postcard for Rocket Dog Rescue.